How to make Oregano Juice to relieve cough?

How to make Oregano Juice to relieve cough?

Oregano is a known herb that helps in relieving cough*. I have tried to consume Oregano leaves in two ways with myself and older kid – Oregano Juice Concentrate or Oregano Tea.

1. Oregano Juice Concentrate

a. Pick  at least 10 green medium to big sized leaves. The greener it is, the better. If you want higher concentration, use more leaves.

b. Place these leaves in a small bowl.

Oregano Leaves

c. Pour some newly boiled water to the leaves to soften them.

Oregano Leaves Oregano Leaves in Hot Water

d. Remove water.

e. Press the leaves using a spoon. Alternatively you can also use a small muslin cloth to squeeze the juice out.

Pressed Oregano Leaves Oregano Leaves Juice

f. Throw out the leave residues.

Oregano Juice

g. Enjoy your juice.

Oregano Juice Concentrate

Ideally you repeat this drink at least 3x a day. Personally if I’m coughing, I probably drink at least 4-6x a day. I’m very kiasu.

TIP: If the taste is too strong for your child, you may want to add honey and/or lemon to sweeten it. The green lime is ok too.

2. Oregano Tea

a. Pick  at least 10 green medium to big sized leaves. Freshly pick ones are better as they tend to have more juice.

b. Boil the leaves with water.

c. Enjoy the tea.

Don’t reuse the boiled leaves. Make new batch once you have finished the tea.


Where to find Oregano?

You can buy oregano plants from nursery. Oregano is not difficult to grow at home, even if you are staying in an apartment. They can thrive in a pot with the right sunlight, water and soil.

Oregano Plant in Singapore HDB


*Note: If unsure and for younger children (especially those below 2), please consult your doctor/pediatrician.


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