Animal Land Children’s Farm in Melbourne

Animal Land Children’s Farm in Melbourne

Animal land Children’s Farm in Melbourne aims to give children a real, hands-on farming experience. Unlike other animal attractions and zoos, visitors don’t simply observe our animals from a distance. In this farm,  kids get to hold, pat, feed and ride with a tour guide (a real farmer!).The farm is located in Diggers Rest, about 30 mins away from Melbourne’s Central Business District. They conduct tours in a group. It is best to book online to avoid disappointment!

The tour started with a hand led pony ride. L was 19 months old and enjoyed her first pony ride! She totally loved it and the farmer guide happily agreed to take her for another round.

Melbourne Animal Land Pony Ride

The next stop is milking Maggie the cow! It was a wonderful experience. Now they know where their drinking milk comes from.

Melbourne Animal Land Milking Cow

We walked to the nursery to pat the guinea pigs and rabbits. They were so cuddly, L thought they were stuffed toys. They did not like to hold the chick though.

Melbourne Animal Land Rabbit Petting Melbourne Animal Land Rabbit Petting Melbourne Animal Land Rabbit Petting

We went to the dam to feed the ducks. It was a little bit overwhelming at first as all the ducks seemed hungry!

Melbourne Animal Land Duck Feeding Melbourne Animal Land Duck Feeding

Melbourne Animal Land Duck Feeding

Before we made our way to the tractor ride, the farmer guide also showed us to the chicken houses. The kids collected eggs from their nests. We did not stay long since the kids did not like the chickens (reasons I don’t know why). Otherwise, the farmer will be happy for the guests to try their luck on catching the chicken.

Farm in Melbourne Animal Land Tractor

We toured this farm in Melbourne with a real farm tractor. One of the sheep Penny rode with us.

Farm in Melbourne Animal Land Penny Lamb

The kids got to feed the sheep and cows. There was also a black bull. It was huge!

Melbourne Animal Land Lamb Goat Feeding Melbourne Animal Land Bull Feeding

At the end of the farm tour, the kids even got a Junior Farm Certificate each. We had a blast and highly recommend this farm in Melbourne to all families with young kids.

Farm in Melbourne Animal Land Farm Certificate

Ticket cost AU$15 for adults and AU$22 for children. Free for 18months old and below. Worth every penny!
Check out their website for more information.



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