Top 5 Mandarin Chinese Tuition Centres in East

Top 5 Mandarin Chinese Tuition Centres in East

We speak English at home. When my eldest turned 3, I started looking for a Mandarin Chinese tuition centre that would help her enjoy learning the language. Below is a summary of the Top Mandarin Chinese Tuition Centres  in the East of Singapore that I have visited and/or considered after hours of research as well as asking recommendations from mommy friends.

 Berries WorldTien Hsia
Language School
Wang Learning
Kidstart Now Singapore Hokkien
Huay Kuan (SHHK)
MOE CalendarNoYesYesNoNo
Trial ClassYesYesNoYesNo
Starts at what LevelN1N1K1N2N1



It is one of the popular centre with many branches across Singapore. They offer trial class so I looked for a branch that is accessible to my place and called for availability.

Branch: Berries Kembangan CC

Trial Class Cost: 15$

Duration: 1h45m

Trial classes are only offered on existing classes with vacancies (class size is max 12 students). Yes, it is an ongoing class with current enrolled students and your child will join as  ‘guest student’. If available timing does not work for you, perhaps check out another centre.

My girl enjoyed her class very much. She came out smiling and happy. She liked her teacher. She also brought with her a couple of flash cards and activity worksheet that she completed from the class.

Each lesson costs about SG$38. Payment is by term. I feel the downside of this centre is that they do not follow the MOE calendar. They only have 2 weeks of holidays in June and December. Check out the Berries calendar and terms for 2017 here.

Berries Kembangan Centre



This centre has been established in Singapore over 28 years. There is one centre near to our place that is accessible by bus.  This centre was in my shortlist but we did not visit this centre until recently.

Branch: Tien Hsia Marine Parade

Trial Class cost: FREE

Duration: 1h30m

Each lesson is SG$34. Payment is by term. They follow MOE calendar for long holidays like June, November/December but not those 1 week holidays (March and September). Normally 1 term is about 10 lessons.


3. WANG LEARNING CENTRE (aka Wang Lao Shi)

This centre is very popular for Primary school students. I was planning to enrol my girl here when she starts her Primary 1. I think their curriculum is too tough for preschoolers. Well, that’s my perception.

However, just recently, my girl’s enrolment in this centre has been fast tracked. I have been influenced by mommy friends. She will start attending this centre January 2018. She will be K2 by then.

Branch: Eastgate @Katong

Trial Class: They do not offer trial class. Most of the time, their slots are full. If there is enough students on waitlist on particular timing, they might open another class (which also get quickly filled up).

Duration: 1h30m

Each lesson is SG$37. Payment is by term. They follow MOE syllabus and calendar. So no lesson on school holidays. Also, this centre only offers K1 class and above.

Wang Learning Centre Wang Lao Shi East Gate

4. KidstartNow

This centre is very new. My girl attended their 4 day holiday camp. I came to know about this centre through Facebook ad. A close friend also found out about the centre and we decided to send our then 3 year old gals together for their December Holiday camp .

Branch: Bedok Point

Trial Class: Yes, available

Duration: 1h30m

The 4 day Holiday camp costs about 250$. My daughter enjoyed her time with KidstartNow. They also provided access to app where they can read stories about pandas.

The centre also provides regular lesson based on their own defined calendar.  They programme starts from N2 (Nursery class). Best to give them a call to inquire further.

Kidstart Holiday Camp Kidstart Holiday Camp

5. Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK)

About a year ago, I found out that SHHK offers Mandarin Chinese tuition on weekends. Their programme starts from N1. SHHK is popular for their affiliation to popular primary schools such as Tao Nan, Ai Tong, Chongfu. SHHK offer regular preschool programmes as well. Note that there is no priority for existing preschool students to get in their affiliated primary schools.

Branch: Sennett Road

Trial Class: No

There are 3 terms in a year and have their own academic calendar. Normally there are no class on the month of June and December.

SHHK SIngapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Sennett Branch


Thanks for reading! We hope you are able to get useful information from the list of Top Mandarin Chinese Tuition Centres in East of Singapore.

If you have any questions, please do leave a comment.

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